We chose the Redverz Series II tent for it’s height inside, so we would have a decent area for our gear and somewhere to get out of the weather if need be. Apparently you can get a bike in the vestibule area!

Our mattresses are Expeds and if you don’t blow them up too much they are very comfortable. Splashing out on the Neoair Pump was a very good idea!

Other camping gear includes:

  • Exped Mattresses
  • Exped pillows
  • Monte sleeping bags (-11 degrees)
  • Silk sleeping bag liners
  • Small tarp (ground sheet)
  • Helinox chairs
  • Trangia stove
  • Thermos Flasks
  • Plates/bowls (that flip to be cutting boards)
  • Bag of utensils
  • Head torches
  • Cups with built-in coffee plunger
Paul and Lee's Camping gear
Motorcycle Packing List