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Easy riders do it their way

Let’s make it clear from the start. Lee and Paul O’Connor are not your stereotypical “bikies” they just happen to love the freedom of motorcycle riding, especially when it can be combined with a love of travel.
“Motorcycle tragics” is how they describe themselves.

Both learnt to ride as teenagers when “it was the poor man’s form of transport” and they were living in New Zealand. Then marriage and four children intervened until the recession we had to have in the early 1990s.
“Tax rules on company cars changed and Paul decided it was time to get a bike again,” Lee says. “I rode on the back with him a few times but I couldn’t do it. I had to have my own.”

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We Did It Our Way – Bikes n Beers first book is available now!

We Did It Our Way is an adventure travel book for aspiring and armchair explorers who love the road less travelled, and exotic foods and cultures. This is a visually stunning and highly entertaining travel book – but it is really about dreaming big, declaring your audacious goal to the world,and actually seeing it through.

What makes a couple in their late 50’s, living a perfectly good life in Brisbane, Australia, decide they will take time out and ride their motorbikes around the world? The question Paul and Lee ask most often in life though, is ‘Why not?’

Inspired by other global overlanders, they spent a year planning and another year circumnavigating the globe, as it seemed obvious to travel in one direction.“Travel has always been a high priority for us, with adventure added in high doses, even when our four children were young. At times though we can’t quite believe we’ve actually done this. We convinced ourselves it couldn’t be much different from a long ride on home soil – but it was!”

Avoiding most major cities as they travelled, this became more than just a ride. Encounters with amazing people, incredible scenery most travellers never see, food both delicious and questionable, serious accidents, and breakdowns in strange places make this a riveting yarn. And the beer! Let’s not forget about that.

Paul and Lee’s colourful stories, incredible images and shared practical resources will pull you in totheir journey, and inspire you to dream, plan and take the next step towards the adventure of your lifetime.

This book is heart-warming stories of our life on some of the world’s most spectacular out-of-the-way roads … Lee says: “I have always had a real interest in food, developed over many years of feeding my family and friends; planning, shopping for ingredients, and preparing meals with love. It was only natural to share my experiences with food from many countries — food cooked the old-fashioned way and always with an attitude of love.”


Lee and Paul O’Connor have ridden a variety of bikes since their teens and consider themselves motorcycle tragic’s. For over forty years the pair have found adventure in all corners of the world,continually planning for the next one.

In March 2015, after meticulous planning, they flew their KTM 990 motorcycles to Kuala Lumpur andbegan an epic round-the-world adventure that would take them a year, riding 80,000 kilometres onspectacular roads through forty countries.

Lee is an artist and Paul is a mining engineer. They have been together for 42 years and have four adult children.

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Guelph Tribune

Australian motorcycle enthusiasts Paul and Lee O’Connor, left, stopped by the Guelph Arboretum as part of their around-the-world adventure last week. They were in town to visit with their neice Emma Heather, seen here with her guide dog Olivia and Paul’s sister, Emma’s mom, Raewyn. The couple is biking around the world and raising awareness about ataxia, the rare genetic condition Emma has lived with most of her life.

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